Fat Biking trails 

When the winter comes in Nova Scotia, most of us put our bikes away. At Shoreline Adventure Center we’ve got access to kilometres of trails that can be explored on our Fat Bikes. Getting out and exploring the Cape Breton back-country is a unique experience that anyone with a taste for adventure should consider!

The Highlights

Fat Biking is a great way to get outside in the winter. Instead of tucking our bikes away when the snow came, we adapted! 

Fat Biking is a great way to get a taste of the Cape Breton back country and something we love doing at Shoreline Adventure Center!

Roomy Trails

Shoreline Adventure Center is connected to some nice and wide trails, perfect for beginners and the fat bike expert. 

We Provide the Gear!

Your don’t need to worry about bringing your cycling gear with you, at Shoreline Adventure Center, we’ve got you covered! We have everything you will need to hit the trails and have fun. Don’t worry about a thing!

Beginner Friendly

Fat Bikes are great for someone who isn’t as confident on a bike. The size of the tires typically slow things down and provide an increased surface area, both helping to improve your control is the trails.